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So I’ve been enjoying Austin so far, just been crazy busy <insert social commentary on how if it’s important you will make time>.

About 2 weeks ago I finally finished the temperature blanket, border & all:

Obviously I’m super excited with the way it turned out, however I still haven’t gotten it fully packed into the box to ship up to the aunt in Michigan:

Just like I haven’t finished packing up the box to send to my in-laws that I was supposed to send in April:

I’m obviously on a roll here. Speaking of, I did make/finish some fingerless gloves for my father-in-law but not sure if I ever posted them (together with my step-mother-in-law’s beanie that I know I posted earlier):

In other news…

I found an actually amazing crochet/knit group the meets 1-3 times a week about 20 minutes from my house with all age ranges of people that talk about a variety of things!!! Unlike the group I went to in NH that I went to a few times that wouldn’t stop talking about retirement homes & their plans for death (I joke you not).

Anyways, this new group meets on Tuesdays at the library, on Thursdays at a café, and on some Saturdays (once a month at Ikea from 9-3 and then some special events). They have a yarn crawl in October that I’m *tentatively hopeful* I will be able to join & they have a Christmas party with a yarn-themed White Elephant & where they make hats for the café employees for letting us hang out all year. They also have some charity work that I will explain another day.

In addition to this, I made the plunge & bought a Samsung tablet today. It’s specifically devoted to crochet, writing & creative stuff with the only social media app I have installed being this one. I’m hoping this new tablet, in addition to the new crochet group, will help me get back into the habit of regularly crocheting & blogging. Here’s to hoping!


Crochet Updates

Average Temperature: 36°

Precipitation: None 

Yarn Colors: Blue

Was 4 days behind on the temperature blanket this week. I didn’t really have much to talk about so I wasn’t posting; figured there was no point in just rambling. It definitely made the catch up on the temperature rows a lot harder by not having the blog posts as reference so…I guess I’ll go back to posting everyday.

Look, it rained yesterday so I got to do a pretty yarn row!!!

Maybaby Blanket


I was originally going to use Bernat Li’l Tots yarn for the border but then I remembered I had an odd ball of a glossy green yarn so I decided to just keep crocheting the body of the blanket until I ran out of Li’l Tots. Then I switched to the green…

I ADORE how this came out, & I’m so happy I decided to do the green border. It gave the blanket such a nice accent (& it was so lucky the green was such a good match!).

I’m not sure what the brand on the green yarn was, I’ve had it in my stash for about 4 years now. Glad I finally got to use it. I ended up doing 2 rows on the border instead of the 1 row in the pattern, but the pattern assumes you’re using the same yarn for the full project. The double row just evens the blanket out better.

I hope the family likes it as much as I do!

Owl Blanket

And now that the Maybaby Blanket is complete I can finally start on my mum’s blanket. We’ll see how it goes!

Temperature Blanket: Week 4

Friday Average Temperature: 27°

Today Average Temperature: 36°

Friday’s & Today’s Precipitation: None

Yarn Colors: Royal. Blue.

Think it’s safe to say that I won’t be updating on Fridays. It’s Day 4 of my work days which range from 8.5-10 hours & by Friday I just don’t have any energy. 

Temperature Blanket

Guess it was a kind of boring week…4 out of the 7 days were Royal so it didn’t make for much of a color variation. I was hoping we’d get into the greens today because we hit a high of 48° today, but the average temperature just wasn’t quite there. Finally caught up through today though!

Other Stuff

Going to be a short & sweet post. I did some freelance editing for my dad’s new academic article this afternoon, which took a good chunk out of my free time after I got home from work & I still have dishes/laundry to do. Hoping to make quick work of the household chores so I can switch to other projects.

Top priority is finish the Maybaby Blanket. I’d really like to get this done tonight or tomorrow; I didn’t have any time to work on it during the week & it’s just repetitive rows so it’s not holding my attention very well. The advantage is I can watch TV while working on the blanket; disadvantage is that it’s boring.

Second priority, immediately after finishing the Maybaby blanket, is to start on my mum’s Hooded Owl Blanket. I’m feeling a bit guilty because I signed up my dad for our half marathon this week & then edited that article but I haven’t started/done anything for my mum. This is a combination of the yarn not arriving until last Monday, the 13th & because I didn’t want to start a 4th blanket until after I finished at least one.

In addition to the owl blanket, I think I’d like to make her a pillow to match so that’s a bit more work.

Other goals for my weekend include reading a bit & maybe doing some actual short story writing; I feel like I’m getting to a good place to start that up again. I’d like to spin for a bit this weekend as well, since I haven’t touched my spinning wheel in over 3 months & I’m worried that I’m getting rusty. I have to cover a bit someone’s shift on Monday, which is my 2nd day off so that cuts into my free time allotment.

We’ll see how it goes.

Late Post Temperature Blanket

Friday Average Temperature: 6°

Yesterday Average Temperature: 8°

Friday Precipitation: None

Yesterday Precipitation: Snow (Morning)

Yarn Colors Friday: White

Yarn Colors Yesterday: White & silver; White

It’s been a crazy, rough week. Friday I worked 11 hours so I really wasn’t in the mood to do anything, including post. Yesterday was additionally insane for the morning few hours & then I got hit with another thing in the afternoon…it wasn’t conducive to non-rant posting so I didn’t. I know the last time I missed a day, I double-posted to make up for the missed post, so in turn I should technically do 3 posts today…but we’ll see how it goes.

Friday I managed to catch up on my Tuesday, Wednesday & half of Thursday rows. This afternoon I caught up through this morning so that was another 4 rows. I really need to find a way to make the silver tinsel in the snow yarn show up better, even with a flash it doesn’t really show. It’s going to just look like a solid wall of white in the photos for the last few days, but I guess that’s how it goes.

I already have a post planned out for this evening, so hopefully I’ll get back on track. We’re also in the middle of getting snowed in, so I won’t have very many distractions or otherwise to keep me from staying up to date the next few days. I’m hoping I can get back into the healthy posting & crocheting habit after this crazy week but we’ll see. Fingers crossed.

Here’s Gurney getting ready to attack Talia (he chickened out at the last second).

Temperature Blanket Update

Average Temperature: 27°

Precipitation: None

Yarn Colors: Royal

So that’s 36 days worth (& some change for weather) of rows so far. It looks like after about 6 months I’ll have a throw blanket length; it’s about a foot & a half wide (long?) right now

Gurney for scale.

I’m hoping if that’s the case, then maybe I can make myself one for the second half of the year. I’m a bit interested to see what the blanket would look like if I had just done temperatures for one location instead of where I was located on a given day. I like the bright, warm colors from when we were getting married/on our honeymoon but it’s hard to see day differences with the temperatures for our home.

If I Do Another One…

I’d definitely pick out more vibrant & varied colors. I didn’t realize it when I picked it but that Hunter Green looks very close to black & I think the Royal & Blue look very close too. I’d probably pick something in different shades or outside the rainbow spectrum. 

I’m not sure I’d do weather rows in a second blanket either. While it’s pretty, it can be a pain some nights to make sure I add that extra row in there when all I want to do is go to bed.

I like the shell stitch pattern I’m using for this blanket. I think the ripple/wave pattern could be fun too, especially since I finally have a pattern I’m comfortable with (shared in an earlier post). Most of the temperature blankets I’ve seen online are in the wave pattern & it’s so popular that they actually made a website where you can put in a location & the date range & it’ll give you a pattern with all the colors already laid out for you:

Weatherghan Creator

Which is pretty freaking awesome. But I also didn’t want to give my aunt something she could just buy offline, hence the shell stitch.

Other Things

We have tattoo appointments thus afternoon so in all likelihood that’ll be my post for tomorrow. This will be number 6 for me & number 5 for Ry (his 4th in 6 months, crazy head).

And…I’ll be filling in the temperature/weather for today in the evening. It looks like the average is going to be in the 20s, so Royal, but we’ll see. The weather keeps changing as to whether we’ll get snow tonight.

Enjoy the Super Bowl if that’s your thing! I’ll be trying to figure out a way to stream it when we get home.

Not sure if he’s “helping” or modeling…

Snow & Such

Average Temperature: 24°

Precipitation: Snow

Yarn Colors: Royal, white & silver

We got about 2 inches of snow between last night & 9 this morning. It was the light, fluffy, powdery type, so it wasn’t a pain to clean off the car & actually melted pretty quick. Only bit of treachery was that the snow covered up the ice that had still not completely melted from last week so…even though they actually came & plowed our driveway in a decent amount of time for once, I still almost slipped & fell on my bum walking to the car.

It does look so lovely though.

Temperature Blanket

By doing an extra row for weather in addition to the daily temperature row, I originally decided on double-row days I would do the temperature row first, followed by the weather row.

However, this evening in a stroke of brilliance (aka exhausted laziness) Idecided if the precipitation occurred prior to noon, I would crochet the weather row prior to the Temperature row & vice versa if the precipitation was in the afternoon. This burst of genius occurred when I was too exhausted (aka I currently am) & not wanting to change yarns twice tonight. So two rows of white/silver it became! Now I just need to remember that for next time.

Baby Blanket Updates…

Mum remembered to talk to Michelle last nigjt about the Maybaby’s baby blanket. I guess Michelle is going with akasfghab woodland fairy theme which sounds adorable. Also, apparently Sage Green is the baby color of the year, because that was the first color Min mentioned for the Chosen One’s blanket. 

The good news is YAY WE FINALLY HAVE A MAYBABY COLOR SCHEME!!! The bad news is that the pretty wave blanket I’m making does not fit into those color parameters. So I’ll have to come up with something else.

…and Apparently My Mother Likes Owls

I got tagged in a comment section of a crochet pattern on Facebook, which is a fairly normal occurrence, except this time it was my mum who tagged me. I figured she was just doing on of those, “hey isn’t this cool?” tags but when I called her for our evening chat on my way home from work (Yes I call my mum almost everyday. It’s a really wonderful thing & I recommend it to anyone who gets along with their mother like I do) she mentioned that she actually would like an owl afghan.

Taken completely by surprise, I took a closer look at the post. Sadly, there was no link in the post to the pattern but it mentioned that it could be found on Ravelry & it was the first link provided by the Oracle when I searched it.

*Disclaimer It wasn’t mentioned in the Facebook post, but this is not a free pattern. This pattern is $5.99, but as it gives you the pattern for both a child & an adult sized afghan it’s a pretty decent price. Plus my mother wants one so regardless of how much it cost I’d be purchasing it anyways*

Anywho, as it’s not my pattern & not a free pattern i.e. I’m not authorized to publish it so…here’s the link: Bulky and Quick Hooded Owl Blanket by MJ’s Off the Hook Designs.

I’m always a bit leery of online patterns, especially the ones with the fabulous looking finished products. Of the online patterns I’ve used, about half of them have some errors with several, including ones I’ve paid for, being completely unusable. There’s nothing more frustrating than paying for pattern that doesn’t work.

I haven’t really looked the pattern over yet beyond examining the yarn requirements to send my mum, but I’ll be starting this blanket as soon as she sends me her colors. That being said, I’ll give a rundown of the pattern at that point. It looks like author has pretty good reviews on their other patterns, so we’ll hope for the best.

Lastly, The Tri

Today is February 1st & started the first day of the Lazy Man Triathlon Challenge at work. I had someone show me how to use the recumbent & the stationary bikes at work today as I’ve never been on one. Also, why not start off the challenge with the part I’m dreading the most. I did 8 miles on the bike this morning, & felt pretty proud of myself…until I looked at the board & saw the benchmarks for the biking portion is divided up by 10 miles.

Leave it to me to miss the benchmark by 2 freaking miles. So this afternoon I went back on the bike for 7 minutes so I can at least say I completed a benchmark.

Think I’m going to record in here daily how much I have left of everything; I won’t go into actual descriptions though unless something wonky happens.

Bike: 10 out of 112 miles

Swim: 0 out of 2.4 miles

Run: 0 out of 26 miles

Transition (classes): 0 out of 2

Last But Not Least

Gurney, our youngest house demon & more lovingly referred to as my cuddle bug, apparently doesn’t like me blogging. Everyday when I start my post, within 2 sentences he jumps on me for cuddles. He ignores me the rest of the time I’m home, & as soon as I stop blogging he immediately leaves me alone. The rest of the time, he somehow just knows when I’m blogging & feels the need to sit on me in such a way that I can’t type. So here’s your kitty picture for tonight:

Getting Started

Today’s Average Temperature: 32°

Precipitation Type: None

Yarn Color: Blue

Well unfortunately this isn’t going to be as long of a post as I originally wanted. Between dinner clean up from tonight, making lunches & dinner prep for tomorrow, it got later than I expected. Just the bare minimum for the temperature blanket information I suppose.

1. COLORS!!!

The all important, fun aspect of the blanket. The following are the temperatures & their corresponding yarn colors.

  • -1°> Dove  Red Heart Supersaver  (RHSS)
  • 0-10° White RHSS
  • 11-20° Purple Tones RHSS
  • 21-30° Royal RHSS
  • 31-40° Blue RHSS
  • 41-50° Hunter Green RHSS
  • 51-60° Spring Green RHSS
  • 61-70° Bright Yellow RHSS
  • 71-80° Pumpkin RHSS
  • 81-90° Shocking Pink RHSS
  • 91-100° Burgundy RHSS
  • 100°< Lava Deborah Norville
  • Snow Diamond Vannas Choice
  • Sleet Zebra RHSS
  • Rain Macaw RHSS
  • Thunder/Lightning Banana Berry RHSS

2. Pattern Information

I was originally considering using a V-Stitch pattern from a baby blanket I like to make as the basis for the blanket. After spending my break time at work today contemplating the best approach, I decided to instead use a revised version of my favorite baby blanket by Lion Brand Yarns: All-star Hooded Blanket

I’ve used the pattern in full before with the hood, however as of late I prefer to use the pattern without the hood. It works up quick & looks great with variegated yarns:

The pattern is worked up in a series of shells. The baby blanket pattern is worked in sets of 3 stitches to form the shell pattern. For the base chain, it calls for 102 chains for 33 shells (the last 3 chains count as the first single crochet of the next row).

I’m following the baby blanket pattern instructions for the Temperature Blanket almost to the letter, including using the I Hook for my crochet hook. The only thing I’ve changed is I used 144 chains (48 shells) to get the width I desired instead of the 102 recommended in the pattern. One can increase or decrease the desired length of the base chain by 3 chains & the pattern will still work.

All that confusion being said…

(…it’s late, I’ll try to be more coherent later).

I managed to get 3 rows finished in the temperature blanket tonight (January 1-3); I’m currently averaging about 15/20 minutes per row which gives me hope that I’ll manage to get completely caught up to current dates this weekend; I’m only 22 days behind now which is better than yesterday.

Dinner for tomorrow should be all set, as long as I remember to turn on the crockpot before I leave for work tomorrow (I made Slow Cooker Chicken & Wild Rice Soup). I’m hoping this will give me time to get in at least another 3-4 rows tomorrow. That’s all for now (here’s the kitties “helping” tonight):