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Crochet Updates

Average Temperature: 36°

Precipitation: None 

Yarn Colors: Blue

Was 4 days behind on the temperature blanket this week. I didn’t really have much to talk about so I wasn’t posting; figured there was no point in just rambling. It definitely made the catch up on the temperature rows a lot harder by not having the blog posts as reference so…I guess I’ll go back to posting everyday.

Look, it rained yesterday so I got to do a pretty yarn row!!!

Maybaby Blanket


I was originally going to use Bernat Li’l Tots yarn for the border but then I remembered I had an odd ball of a glossy green yarn so I decided to just keep crocheting the body of the blanket until I ran out of Li’l Tots. Then I switched to the green…

I ADORE how this came out, & I’m so happy I decided to do the green border. It gave the blanket such a nice accent (& it was so lucky the green was such a good match!).

I’m not sure what the brand on the green yarn was, I’ve had it in my stash for about 4 years now. Glad I finally got to use it. I ended up doing 2 rows on the border instead of the 1 row in the pattern, but the pattern assumes you’re using the same yarn for the full project. The double row just evens the blanket out better.

I hope the family likes it as much as I do!

Owl Blanket

And now that the Maybaby Blanket is complete I can finally start on my mum’s blanket. We’ll see how it goes!


Maybaby Blanket

Yesterday Average Temperature: 12°

Today Average Temperature: 24°

Yesterday’s Precipitation: All the Snow

Today’s Precipitation:Less Snow

Yarn Colors: White & Silver, Purple Hues. White & Silver, Royal

Yarn Colors

So Maybaby’s mom is doing her room in “woodland fairies” with sage accents. Apparently Sage Green is the baby color of the year, as Min’s baby’s room is going to be sage green as well.

I had a very distinct variegated color I was hoping to use (sage green, brown & pink), but after scouring JoAnn’s, Michael’s & Walmart multiple times, I couldn’t find anything like what I was looking for. Frustrated was an understatement, mainly because this was the second time in a month that I couldn’t find the yarn I was set on for the blanket. 

However, my mind kept lingering on this sunshine yellow & lime green variegated that I swore I had seen in Walmart. On a return trip, it wasn’t there (not sure if it sold out or what) but I knew JoAnn’s had it…so off I went.

The Blanket

I was alternating between which pattern to use: V-Stitch or shells? I really wanted to do the V-Stitch because I knew it would work up faster & probably look prettier. After doing a swatch square, though, I went with the shell pattern. 


My cousin told me that her only complaint with handmade baby blankets at her shower was that when her munchkin was born, the holes in the afghans were the perfect size for baby fingers, toes & even partial appendages to get stuck in…& new mothers just don’t need that kind of added stress. So I’m going with the All Star Hooded Blankie sans Hooded portion…again.

Instead of the I Hook in the pattern, I’m using an H hook. They also recommend a worseted-weight or thinner yarn weight…I’m using Bernat Li’l Tots (medium/bulky weight) in Daffodil.

While I was working on the first few rows, I kept thinking, “Citrus fruit” but I can see where the Daffodil concept comes in as well. If it’s Daffodil I can sell the woodland fairy tie in better right?

I’m 2.25 skeins  (out of 4) in to the blanket at this point…aiming for 3.25 or 3.5 skeins before switching to the border. That should hopefully be enough material to finish it. I’m also hoping to be done tomorrow or Wednesday with it so I can move on to other things…mainly because all 24 skeins of yarn for my mum’s owl blanket FINALLY came in today:

I guess I’m using the Bernat pretty hardcore this month.

The Stash Baby Blanket

Average Temperature: 24°

Precipitation: None

Yarn Colors: Royal

I was going to talk about my name change process & everything that’s been tumbling around in my head about it but I realized that due to my previous as a make-up for yesterday I don’t actually have the time tonight to give that topic the attention it deserves so I’ll do a craft one for this post & maybe if I get done quick enough tomorrow I’ll do the name change post.

The Yarn

I think I mentioned this in the previous post but here’s a longer version of how I acquired the yarn.

My mum had asked my Bridesmaids to bring gift baskets as door prizes to my bridal shower in November & amongst the chocolate, wine, Margarita & baking baskets Min had bought a basket with four pastel skeins of Deborah Norville Everyday yarn & a wooden “I” crochet hook because crocheting is kind of my thing. When my mother-in-law won one of the door prizes, she snagged the basket of yarn to give to me (because really, who else was going to use it). I did make her wait until we got back to my parents’ house to give it to me though, so people wouldn’t get upset. Silly right? Anywho, here was the yarn…

  • Quiet Blue
  • Chinchilla
  • Soft Peach
  • Spa

If you couldn’t tell from the names of the colors, the yarn really would only be good for a baby blanket.

For Whom…?

My initial idea was to use the yarn to make a baby blanket for Min’s beastie; she picked out the colors & was stoked when I got the basket. I thought the brown (chinchilla), blue & green (spa) would go perfect with the Peter Rabbit nursery theme she picked, however she mentioned when I was asking about colors that they were definitely going to use sage green in the room. The Spa green is closer to a seafoam than a sage & I wasn’t sure how the peach would fit into that mix, so I picked out a different yarn for the Chosen One’s baby blanket. That, & I felt a bit weird giving someone a present from something they’d spent money on.

I needed a baby blanket for the Maybaby too. I had made her older sibling a white & bright rainbow ripple baby blanket for his birth so I thought it might be fun to do an updated ripple for the Maybaby. Although I had asked several times, the Maybaby’s parents hadn’t gotten back to me on colors…so why not use the ones from the basket? Except that the basket colors are pastel & I remember the parents wanted vibrant colors for the first beastie & probably would want the same for the Maybaby.

The Pattern

I knew I wanted to do a ripple blanket with these four colors, as it would use all of them & be less obnoxious than a granny square or she’ll pattern, swapping colors every row. After searching through several patterns  (& trying out 2) I finally settled on the pattern I used for Maybaby’s older sibling’s blanket…with some modifications.

Modern Ripple Baby Blanket


Obviously, the most significant thing I did was swap out the yarn.

  • Chinchilla (A)
  • White (B)
  • Spa (C)
  • Soft Peach (D)
  • Quiet Blue (E)

The only other major change I made was to the stitches. The pattern calls for single crochet (SC). I don’t use SC for large projects unless absolutely necessary so I did double crochet (DC) throughout the pattern instead. This means for the beginning of each row I chain 2 instead of 1.

Last change I made was more for cosmetic purposes instead of necessity:

  • Repeat pattern to last 4 stitches. DC in each of the next two DC, skip next DC, DC in top of turning chain

This gives you the required number of stitches & doesn’t leave the turning chains sticking out at the end.

Beyond that, for the technical directions I followed the pattern completely. I’m still using a J Hook as stated & the sets of 3 stitches. The row color pattern I’m following is:

  • 4 rows Chinchilla
  • 2 rows White
  • 4 rows Spa
  • 2 rows White
  • 4 rows Soft Peach
  • 2 rows White
  • 4 rows Quiet Blue
  • 2 rows White

Repeat. I just started in the Spa rows yesterday but it’s coming out prettier than I hoped:

Seeing how it’s turning out, I’m tempted to give it to Min again (along with the other blanket I’m planning). I’ll see if I can finally get an answer for the Maybaby tomorrow though, & it fits specs maybe it’ll go to her. Or I just might keep it to have on hand. We’ll see.