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One Down, Three to Go

So I’ve found a few downsides to the tablet. First is that the camera is shoddy and no, I’m not trying to be one of those obnoxious people who carry my tablet around to take pictures on of my vacations and experiences. It would’ve been nice to have a decent camera to take pictures of the in progress or finished crochet projects I have on the tablet so I could eliminate my phone as the middle man; however that doesn’t seem to be the case. The second is that I haven’t figured out how to do an auto-spellcheck with the keyboard plugged in, but that’s user error and not tablet error. All things considered though, I’m enjoying my Samsung talent and it’s inspiring me to be more active here, so yay?

Finished Hand Towel

To my immense relief I finished Ry’s requested hand towel this evening while we were watching some anime. I haven’t made a final opinion on if I like the anime yet, but Ry agreed to watch the dubbed version so I could crochet while we were watching. 

Not quite sure what happened on the end there but whatever, it’s staying in the house.

I usually do enjoy anime, but Ry prefers to watch them subbed, which would be fine if I didn’t get restless when we are 4 or 5 episodes in on a series binge watch & need to do something other than sit there & watch tv. I have that weird thing where I can watch tv, listen to music or carry on a conversation while crocheting but trying to read subtitles, figure out what’s going on in the animation & crochet at the same time is just to much for me. Hence, yay that we’re watching this one dubbed! I will say that watching anime subbed is so much more satiisfying, the voice casting is usually much better (SevenDeadly Sins, Attack on Titan, Samurai X, etc, etc). I just can’t multitask with it.

And here’s the hand towl in the bathroom…

Cant’t even tell it’s uneven! 

I was worried about the fiber not being absorbent enough (it feels so rough) plus the half-double crochet design with the small fiber weight, but Ry just used the towel & said it was fine so I guess we’ll call that a win.

Next Up…

My plan is work on that ripple blanket next, but I also have two library books out that I need to read; I’m competing on holds with an unknown person for Jo Nesbø’s Harry Hole series at said library. I saw the SDCC’s preview for The Snowman which they mentioned was based off a book so I was intrigued because the movie looks good, Unfortunately, The Snowman is the 7th book in the Harry Hole series & I didn’t want to jump right to it in case I was missing something. Doesn’t really appear that I am at the moment (I just started book 3 The Redbreast) but we’ll see.

Sending you off with a pic of Gurney during the end of the lost months of the temperature blanket:

He’s just such a happy kitty…


Works in Progress

All right, here we go giving the tablet a shot. As I briefly mentioned yesterday (this morning?) I ended up splurging and bought myself a Samsung tablet yesterday. My hope is that by having something seperate from my phone for all my creative stuff (crocheting,  writing, maybe blogging) I’ll be less distracted while I am trying to do these creative things than I am when I’m using my phone/have my phone near me during these times. I have a horrific tendency (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) to go on my phone for one quick thing then end up getting sucked into mindlessly scrolling through social media, feeding my digital hamsters & half-heartedly check on my Neko Atsume cats that have been neglected since I discovered the hamsters…when all I wanted to do is check out a pattern that I had saved on my phone. So for the tablet, other than the WordPress & Pinterest app, I do not and will not install all the other soul-sucking, time-wasting apps that are on my phone on to this tablet.

Ry being the amazing person he ordered me a keyboard for said tablet which I am now happily (if not a bit haphazardly) typing this away on now. It reminds me of the PDA my dad let me use when I was younger since he never used it from work, and it makes me nostaglically happy. The Microsoft Suite came installed on here too so I’m pretty freaking stoked right now.

But anywho….

Lofty Goals and Statuses

As I may or may not have mentioned in my last post, I have a few projects running on the sidelines beyond what I have going on at work & trying to make friends (really not so easy when you’re almost 30, have no plans for kids & don’t enjoy going out late to bars much anymore). I’ve set some lofty 2nd half of the year goals on Goodreads because even though I’m working more than I have moving here from NH, for some reason I just never seemed to have time for anything when we had moved to NH from FL in 2015. I also am trying to finish up most-if not all-of my ongoing crochet projects before starting anything new but with the best holiday of the year and Christmas looming that might not be happening.

Crochet Projects

So in terms of crochet projects, I have 4 active ones that I currently know I need to get done (technically 5, but the 5h one has been sitting around for so long I think I’m going to pull it out & do something different with the yarn). 

The first of these four projects is that ripple baby blanket I had been posting about earlier this year. It had taken a sideseat to the other two baby blankets that I needed to make in the spring, but this one is itching me the most to finish right now…so of course it’s the one I keep putting off.

Numero Dos is a dish towel/hand towel. I’ve only been working on this since Tuesday or Wednesday when I had a migraine & told Ry to pick some yarn & I’d do something with it. He picked a multi-colored rayon/cotton blend he had bought me back in NH (Crystal Palace Waikiki 70% Rayon, 30% Cotton in Blue Greens; discontinued) & said he had bought it for a hand towel so here we are. I’m using the Secret Santa Washcloth pattern (linked from Ravelry but I’m actually using the version that was printed in Crochet Today magazine; also discontinued). The pattern is almost mind-numbingly easy & I’m really not excited about this project, but it’s great for using at a Stitch-n-Bitch, it’s using some of my stash yarn & since I’m so blah about it, this is the one I`m trying to finish the quickest.

The third is a sun-bathing pig that was a pattern printed in Simply Crochet last year. Not too sure where to find the official pattern link, so I apologize for the Pinterest link. I’ll post legit pictures of him & hopefully have found an online link to the pattern when I finish him. Either way, he’s a Christmas present for my mum that only has a head & a partial body right now with a November deadline so I need to get back to him.

Final crochet project is a Beachcomber Shawl (Ravelry link, but I’m using the Crochet Today print from 2010) that I`m making with Cascade’s Cherub DK (color 512) that Ry got me, again, when we were in NH. Although the pattern is for a shawl, I’m actually planning on using it for a cover at the end of our bed. It’s fun and pretty but again, pretty low on my list.

In Conclusion…

I have to turn in for the evening because adult job & all. Though it’ll be a bit hard to wind down after that John Oliver episode…



So I’ve been enjoying Austin so far, just been crazy busy <insert social commentary on how if it’s important you will make time>.

About 2 weeks ago I finally finished the temperature blanket, border & all:

Obviously I’m super excited with the way it turned out, however I still haven’t gotten it fully packed into the box to ship up to the aunt in Michigan:

Just like I haven’t finished packing up the box to send to my in-laws that I was supposed to send in April:

I’m obviously on a roll here. Speaking of, I did make/finish some fingerless gloves for my father-in-law but not sure if I ever posted them (together with my step-mother-in-law’s beanie that I know I posted earlier):

In other news…

I found an actually amazing crochet/knit group the meets 1-3 times a week about 20 minutes from my house with all age ranges of people that talk about a variety of things!!! Unlike the group I went to in NH that I went to a few times that wouldn’t stop talking about retirement homes & their plans for death (I joke you not).

Anyways, this new group meets on Tuesdays at the library, on Thursdays at a café, and on some Saturdays (once a month at Ikea from 9-3 and then some special events). They have a yarn crawl in October that I’m *tentatively hopeful* I will be able to join & they have a Christmas party with a yarn-themed White Elephant & where they make hats for the café employees for letting us hang out all year. They also have some charity work that I will explain another day.

In addition to this, I made the plunge & bought a Samsung tablet today. It’s specifically devoted to crochet, writing & creative stuff with the only social media app I have installed being this one. I’m hoping this new tablet, in addition to the new crochet group, will help me get back into the habit of regularly crocheting & blogging. Here’s to hoping!

Catch Up

Guess I’m really bad at getting back into the habit of blogging. Anywho, been a whirlwind since I last posted. I had two weeks of nothing in the apartment until Ry came down with the furniture then headed back North for work. I then spent the last week & May & first week of June unpacking. My parents were here for a week (June 9-16) then work was crazy last week.

Mixed into all of that, I’ve been going to the Austin Farmer’s Market weekly, went to a 10 hour rock festival that was outside in 104° weather with little shade (bands were amazing though; can’t beat rock concert therapy), and went river tubing down the San Marcos which was nice & relaxing.


I’ve spent the last two weekends trying to catch up on my overdue crochet projects. I finally finished Min’s munchkin’s blanket last weekend after 18 hours of crocheting:

By some miracle I managed to get it out before the baby came & the post office delivered it in two days even though it was supposed to be 5 business days so woo!

This weekend I was working on finishing my father-in-law’s birthday present (from April); fingerless gloves from baby alpaca yarn that matches the hat & gloves I made him when he helped us move to New Hampshire. They’re not quite done because I need Ry here to try them on (not sure if I need to add another row or not).

I also completely pulled out the beanie I made my step-mother-in-law because I realized it was shoddy work & redid that all last night. Not perfect but looks a lot better:

It matches a neckwarmer I made her last year before they went to Iceland (which she called a tube top when she received it). They’re on a cross-country national park trip right now so that’ll be sent when they get back.

To Do

I have some new projects I want to start but I’m trying to get some of my other projects finished first. Next one I’m going to try to dive back into is the temperature blanket because all that yarn just takes up so much room. I have another blanket I’ve been working on so I’ll probably do that next. Then it’s the Christmas present work. Never ends. But hey, I’m in a fun new place, my husband will finally moving down next week & my job is great so yay!


I’m so sorry I dropped off the planet it March. I know this blog didn’t have much of a focus other than me sharing random tidbits (or rants) as appropriate, with some yarn & kitty pictures.

We had a household upheaval in March in regards to Ry’s contracting job that sent us scrambling. Thankfully we were lucky (universe-blessed) that I applied for a “real job” mid-March & after a three week interview process into Mid-April, I got offered a job in Austin, Texas. I (obviously) accepted & this triggered a three-week chaos-riddled move across the country.

I am now happily installed in my new apartment in Austin & start my new job on Monday. The spoiled brats that are my kitties will be joining me on the 19th & Ry will be joining me after his contract finishes (some time between June & August). 

What does that mean for this blog? Well I’m hoping now that things have *knock on wood* settled down a bit I can begin to blog regularly again (though maybe not every day) but with a clearer & more focused purpose/any purpose. 

Temperature Blanket Update:

Like this blog, I’m so far behind…43 days behind to be exact. I’m not sure if after I catch up if I will even need more rows for it to be at the proper length (other than the border) so we will see. I will post pictures after I finish the March rows, & maybe again after the April 15th & 30th rows.

So anywho, please bear with me. I’m sorry I won’t have any cat pics for the next two weeks but…I should have some fun Austin pics.


Janet’s (Mum’s) Homemade Chicken Soup Recipe with Kluski Noodles

Average Temperature: 38°

Precipitation: None

Yarn Colors: Blue

It was supposed to rain today but I didn’t see any at work or at home when I got back & Ry said he didn’t see/feel any so…I’m not going to do a rain row today I guess.

Got hit with a migraine today; I thought it was weather, mum thought it was stress. Either way, my brain feels like a zombie is gnawing on it & my eye feels like it’s being carved out with a spork so…here’s the soup recipe I made for dinner tonight (Ry helped).

Janet’s Homemade Chicken Soup

5-6 Pieces of Chicken (bone in or boneless)

1 cup each chopped:




2 quarts water

1 tablespoon parsley

1 teaspoon each salt & pepper

2 chicken bullion cubes or packets

1 teaspon Poultry Seasoning (optional)


Boil chicken in 2 quarts of water

Skim off scum off top after water boils

Add vegetables, spices & bullion cubes & return to boil.

Boil until chicken is done (10-15 minutes high boil)

Removes chicken from broth, debone chicken (if boned) & shred chicken, returning meat back to broth.

Make kluski (noodles)

Big Kluski Noodles Recipe

1 cup flour

1 egg

Pinch salt

2-3 tablespoons of water


Mix together & drop by teaspoonfuls into hot soup. Boil until they float

I didn’t make ours with kluski tonight because I feel like death but included it in the recipe anyways. I usually make my soup with boneless chicken because I don’t like the extra step of de-boning, but when my mum makes it, she always makes it with the bone-in chicken.

Yay Finished Tri!!!

Average Temperature: 37°

Precipitation: Rain

Yarn Colors: Blue; Macaw

Finished my Triathlon today & all I got was this t-shirt…

And the satisfaction that I biked 112 miles on a recumbent bike & lived to tell the tale.