Catch Up

Guess I’m really bad at getting back into the habit of blogging. Anywho, been a whirlwind since I last posted. I had two weeks of nothing in the apartment until Ry came down with the furniture then headed back North for work. I then spent the last week & May & first week of June unpacking. My parents were here for a week (June 9-16) then work was crazy last week.

Mixed into all of that, I’ve been going to the Austin Farmer’s Market weekly, went to a 10 hour rock festival that was outside in 104° weather with little shade (bands were amazing though; can’t beat rock concert therapy), and went river tubing down the San Marcos which was nice & relaxing.


I’ve spent the last two weekends trying to catch up on my overdue crochet projects. I finally finished Min’s munchkin’s blanket last weekend after 18 hours of crocheting:

By some miracle I managed to get it out before the baby came & the post office delivered it in two days even though it was supposed to be 5 business days so woo!

This weekend I was working on finishing my father-in-law’s birthday present (from April); fingerless gloves from baby alpaca yarn that matches the hat & gloves I made him when he helped us move to New Hampshire. They’re not quite done because I need Ry here to try them on (not sure if I need to add another row or not).

I also completely pulled out the beanie I made my step-mother-in-law because I realized it was shoddy work & redid that all last night. Not perfect but looks a lot better:

It matches a neckwarmer I made her last year before they went to Iceland (which she called a tube top when she received it). They’re on a cross-country national park trip right now so that’ll be sent when they get back.

To Do

I have some new projects I want to start but I’m trying to get some of my other projects finished first. Next one I’m going to try to dive back into is the temperature blanket because all that yarn just takes up so much room. I have another blanket I’ve been working on so I’ll probably do that next. Then it’s the Christmas present work. Never ends. But hey, I’m in a fun new place, my husband will finally moving down next week & my job is great so yay!


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