Monthly Archives: May 2017


I’m so sorry I dropped off the planet it March. I know this blog didn’t have much of a focus other than me sharing random tidbits (or rants) as appropriate, with some yarn & kitty pictures.

We had a household upheaval in March in regards to Ry’s contracting job that sent us scrambling. Thankfully we were lucky (universe-blessed) that I applied for a “real job” mid-March & after a three week interview process into Mid-April, I got offered a job in Austin, Texas. I (obviously) accepted & this triggered a three-week chaos-riddled move across the country.

I am now happily installed in my new apartment in Austin & start my new job on Monday. The spoiled brats that are my kitties will be joining me on the 19th & Ry will be joining me after his contract finishes (some time between June & August). 

What does that mean for this blog? Well I’m hoping now that things have *knock on wood* settled down a bit I can begin to blog regularly again (though maybe not every day) but with a clearer & more focused purpose/any purpose. 

Temperature Blanket Update:

Like this blog, I’m so far behind…43 days behind to be exact. I’m not sure if after I catch up if I will even need more rows for it to be at the proper length (other than the border) so we will see. I will post pictures after I finish the March rows, & maybe again after the April 15th & 30th rows.

So anywho, please bear with me. I’m sorry I won’t have any cat pics for the next two weeks but…I should have some fun Austin pics.