Day Off

Average Temperature: 36°

Precipitation: None 

Yarn Colors: Blue 

Had another decent day off today, yay two weeks in a row! Haven’t been able to sleep in much past 8:30 lately so that’s a bummer except that it’s been good on my off day productivity. I was able to get the dishes taken care of, 2nd clean up of my kitchen & a general house vacuum in before Cheri came over.

Craft Day

Cheri & I decided a week or two ago that we were going to try to do a weekly craft day. We won’t be doing the same crafts, just more of a hangout while we’re doing our own crafts. Today I did my Sunday row for my temperature blanket & got a few rows of mum’s owl blanket it. The owl blanket is probably going to take me longer than predicted as thick yarn in general has a tendency to hurt my fingers when I crochet so I never work as fast the 2nd or 3rd day. I also made lunch for both of us.

Cheri’s working on her wedding dress; it’s going to be hand sewn & I’m thoroughly convinced she’s going to look like a faery princess in it. I can’t wait to see it finished & on her.

We also caught up on general life things; it’s nice to hang out & talk about politics, movies & social issues face-to-face with someone. Though I fear sounding emo, I’m glad I found such an awesome friend up here, especially since it’s so hard to meet people & make friends at our age. She’s definitely a life & sanity saver. I think next week we’re going to meet up at her place as I feel bad she always has to drive up here.


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