Sick & Tri

Average Temperature: 42°

Precipitation: None 

Yarn Colors: Hunter

Everyone at work has been sick for the past week, with varying severity levels of the cold & the flu. Seems like I’ve finally got some variation of the cold; my left side of my nose has been clogged for a few days & was bad enough f9r me to finally take a Sudafed this morning to get through work.

Along that line, I probably should’ve slept in today while I had the chance…

Lazy Man Tri Status 

…but I really wanted to try to finish my biking for the tri. Thankfully, I did finish so my stats as of today are:

Swimmimg: 2.4 miles out of 2.4 miles completed

Transition 1: Completed

Biking: 112 miles out  of 112 miles completed

Transition 2: Completed

Running: 9 miles out of 26.2 miles completed

Plan is to run tomorrow, Friday, twice Saturday & next Tuesday, which is 15 miles. Just need to squeeze in another 2.2 miles before the 28th somewhere then I’ll be done!!!

Also need to find someplace to read my book now that the biking is over…


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