A Shark Eats Gurney

Average Temperature: 26°

Precipitation: None

Yarn Colors: Royal

I’m starting to feel like the average temperature is a bit misleading. I guess the high today was in the 40s but the low was 12° so that significantly knocked the average down (because yay math). I’m starting to wonder if I should’ve done the high temperature instead of the average temperature for the row color designation. If nothing else, I would be able to do the row for the day a lot earlier (as I take the average for the actual temperatures not the predicted temperatures)…but I know this technically more accurate to do the average instead of either the high or the low.


I saw a shark cat bed online a few weeks ago. I’ve been wanting to get a hammock for our spoiled brats for a while but I fell in love with the shark. Thankfully one of my lessons gave me a gift card to Amazon for Valentine’s Day so we ordered the shark bed…& hammock.

The thing with kitties is…you never know what they’re going to like or use, & what they’re going to ignore completely. Add to that the fact that we have two large cats. Talia is a healthy 12 pounds; not a sarcastic healthy, vet said she should be 11-12 pounds to be at weight. Gurney…Gurney will be one year old in March. He’s 12 pounds now…& has not filled out yet. He’s just long & lanky…& still growing.

Anywho, it’s hard to judge things online to see if our kitties will fit. We had a gorgeous cat condo that we replaced with an “upgraded” one. It ended up being way to small for them & we had already gotten rid of our original cat condo. In a similar instance, even though we measured Gurney prior to purchase, the cat hammock was too small & apparently the ropes stretch too much.

The shark house though…

Oh noes! Gurney’s getting eaten!!!


Gurney loves the shark. Talia would probably love the shark too except Ryan put it on her favorite rug. The last time something was on her rug, Talia was distressed for over an hour before I figured out why she kept meowing at me.

Gurney had stolen my giant squid off our bed & put it on Talia’s rug. I’m not sure if it was a peace offering or a power play.

Either way, she wasn’t amused.

As it is, I’m just excited Gurney likes the shark because it’s friggin’ adorable.


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