TV & Chores

Average Temperature: 44°

Precipitation: None

Yarn Colors: Hunter

Didn’t really do anything on the list I made last night. Crocheted for about an hour but that baby blanket really isn’t holding my attention. I’m about 4 rows away from it being an even square & on my last skein so I might just leave it at that. Probably get it done tomorrow while Ry’s at work…

We binge watched Rick & Morty, both seasons, this weekend. Took some getting used to but it was entertaining in a mind-numbingly addictive sort of way. Probably for the better that it’s only 2 seasons right now but that cliffhanger was a killer.

We did most of the chores & cleaning I do on Monday today instead. I’m hoping this will free me up for some me time tomorrow before I have to be in to cover some lessons in the later afternoon. Probably will knock out my biking for the Lazy Man Triathlon prior to the lessons but..I really just want to sleep in. I have a few more small loads of towels & have to clean the bathroom on my chores list so…sleeping in should be fine?

Oh, we also found out Talia likes reduced fat Cheez-its today.

She ate 1.5 Cheez-its so we’ll add that to the list of strange thing she eats. She also looked so pretty last night:


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