Snow Pics

Average Temperature: 28°

Precipitation: None

Yarn Color: Royal

Not sure why I’ve been so exhausted lately. Usually I’m wide awake until at least 11:30/midnight but the last few nights I’ve been dozing off around 10/10:30 & solidly sleeping until my alarm goes off. Yes, I’m using this as my justification for not having a very meaty post tonight. Again.


So we lucked out last night because not only did the storm bring big fluffy flakes, but there was also no breeze until midway through the day so I got some pretty nice nature-esque pictures today while I was cleaning off my car.

And some shots of how high the snow got piled after plowing. From the snow I cleaned off my car this morning, looks like we got about 3-4 inches from last night…I love when we get powder snow because it makes getting the car ready to go so much easier.

Ice Forest

One of the things I love about living in this portion of New England is that beyond hills, the DOT left a lot of trees on our major highway so in the Autumn when the leaves change & the Winter after a good snowfall the views on my drives to work & back home are absolutely breathtaking. I was lamenting this morning as I was driving down my hill  (there’s a spectacular view of the valley & town on the way down) that we never get the fluffy snow & lack of wind on weekends when I could actually go hiking to take pictures. I felt the same driving into work, wishing I could take photos…& then I hit deadlocked traffic, which is practically non-existent here. So I got a few nice shots out the window waiting for traffic to get out of our parking lot state-of-being:

I really like the above one. Didn’t notice the small fir when I took it.

Other Snow Stuff

Another picture of our new home security system from tonight:

The icicles of doom are several feet long at this point…

We got some unexpected, very belated, wedding gifts this week. I’m hoping to take some of it so that Ryan & I can go snow tubing this weekend at one of the ski resorts up here. I would really REALLY love to go skiing since it’s been two years since my Banff ski trip…but skiing is so expensive since we don’t own any gear, don’t have a season pass & probably would have to take lessons. Ryan’s never been (though he’d rather snowboard) & I’ve only been 4 times (3 of which were in Banff) so it would probably be best for lessons. It’s just too expensive to do this year.

So anywho…snow tubing. No experience required, just pay to get in. Should be in the $20 per person range. That’s doable. Maybe it’ll snow this weekend when we go!


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