Gurney Being Ridiculous

Average Temperature: 24°

Precipitation: Snow! Really?!

Yarn Colors: Royal; White & Silver

Actually not that upset with the fact it’s snowing again…other than it figures the storm we get after dark is the one with the gorgeous fluffy flakes so no good pictures.


I was going to talk about something vaguely serious but Gurney is being a complete goof tonight. He’s a bit in love with plastic bags. Loves to sit in them, lick them, shove his face as far as it will go through them…& every once in while he likes to shove his head through the handles, like so:

He’s been loving up on this bag since Saturday so I’m a bit surprised it took him so long to get stuck in it. It usually doesn’t take him that long…but he usually also gets out of them pretty quick.

Talia, asking me for the millionth time how I could bring such a weirdo into her house.

I attacks your toes hooman!!!

He was stuck in the bag for over 30 minutes. Ry & I were talking politics in the guest room when we saw randomly Talia run by, shortly followed by a bounding Gurney in the bag with the most enthusiastic swish swishing noises you’ve ever heard. Funniest, most random thing of the evening.


Later I was tossing our color load of laundry from the washer into the dryer when we had this occur…

I is inspecting hooman!

You love me. I’m too cute for you to be mad.

Cold laundry, cold dryer. Bizarre cat. Took me 3 tries to get him out before I could start the dryer. He was content where he was.

He also likes the shower…but other than accidently falling in once or twice when he was playing between the curtain & the liner, we can’t get him to go in when the water is running. For our privacy, this is probably for the best.

Talia lives here too…

Here’s some pictures of Talia today too, just so you don’t think she’s neglected.

Her Royal Highness usually looks pissed off so it’s only good for certain posts.

She’s put out with me because I’m sitting in the chair from the previous photos. She likes sitting on it when I’m doing things in the kitchen so she can yell at me in the process.

Anywho, there’s the kitty overdose for the week. High probability of snow pics tomorrow, we’ll see how it goes.


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