Valentine’s Day

Average Temperature: 24°

Precipitation: None

Yarn Colors: Royal

Happy Valentine’s Day or whatever. I legitimately completely forgot it was Valentine’s Day today. Ryan wished me a Happy Valentine’s this morning right after my alarm went off but I completely blanked after that.

In the Past…

Every year for about 7ish years (until 2016) my best friend & I would hang out with each other on Valentine’s Day (night) instead of our guys. I guess it’s called Galentine’s Day in pop culture now but we didn’t change the name when we’d celebrate.

Every year we’d pick a different theme or ethnic food. One of us would grab the main food, the other would grab the wine & desserts, & we’d watch Disney movies. It was kind of like our normal Friday nights but more fun because we’d dress up a bit & actually have dinner instead of just wine & chocolate.

One of the best ones we had was the year my mum was sick. My dad was out of town & mum remembered that Allie & I always did Valentine’s together, usually at Allie’s house. She asked if she could join us, so we agreed to have it at her house. Mum made us dinner, I think Allie brought the wine & I brought the desserts/chocolate. Or vice versa. When we got to the house after work, my mum had decked the kitchen out in all reds, pinks, & hearts. I had given her a subscription to People magazine for Christmas that year & mum had cut out pictures of different guys & actors she thought we’d like to put on & around our plates. Beyond actors, mum had a fire fighter for Allie (her hubby is a firefighter) & had found a hot, tan bearded spearfisher man for me (I used to spearfish…if anyone was curious where the blog name came from). Still not sure why People magazine had a spearfisher man in it but I don’t really ask questions. We had such a blast with my mum, & it is hands down my favorite Valentine’s Day to date.

Last year was the first year that Allie & I didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day together; it was the first year that we both no longer lived in Florida & there’s no easy flight path from her gateway-to-Oz state & my frozen wilderness. It was also the first time since graduating from High school that I celebrated Valentine’s Day with the guy I was dating. Since it was Sunday last year, Ry & I saw Deadpool (as everyone should have) then he took me out to Thai. It was sweet & we had a good time.


Like I said, I totally dropped the ball on it being Valentine’s Day today. I attribute that to it being a work week & not having plans with Allie.

At my aerobics class the morning some of regular students were asking where the love songs were.

Me: What love songs?

K&M: You know, the love songs!

Me: Which ones do you mean? Didn’t any we’ve listened to already count?

K&M: What? Not that we’ve heard

Me: What about this current one? :singing: ‘Come on, feel the noise. Girls rock your boys…’

Apparently Slade’s “Come on Feel the Noize” doesn’t count as a love song, who would’ve thought?

Anywho, it wasn’t until they mentioned chocolate & asked why I wasn’t decked out in red & hearts as I usually go all out for holidays.

After class I hauled it over to our spectacular local chocolate store & bought Ry a high end bag of hand dipped chocolate espresso beans. You know, so I didn’t look like a horrible, forgetful wife.

Had some cute interactions with Valentine’s Day related things at work though. One of our members mimicked a whole Valentine’s Day charades to me before leaving & one of my prek students had brought me a snack size bag of M&Ms. Super cute.

Ry picked up Chinese for dinner & we watched “Arrival”, which was shockingly good. It’s been a while since I enjoyed a serious sci-fi movie. It was pretty solid, we do recommend it.


We’re supposed to get more snow tomorrow, 6-10 inches total. Really wish we were into skiing, because this would be the year to do it.

Shoveling & sunset from yesterday

Talia decided to come say hi to me & ended up shocking my nose with her nose in the process. Gurney decided he got sick of playing with my toes as they hung off the edge of the bed so he hopped up & then rubbed his head against my foot for a good ten minutes. He also just shocked my toe with his nose & now he’s glaring reproachfully at my toe. Guess it’s really dry in our house right now.

Think that’s all I have for tonight…


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