Maybaby Blanket

Yesterday Average Temperature: 12°

Today Average Temperature: 24°

Yesterday’s Precipitation: All the Snow

Today’s Precipitation:Less Snow

Yarn Colors: White & Silver, Purple Hues. White & Silver, Royal

Yarn Colors

So Maybaby’s mom is doing her room in “woodland fairies” with sage accents. Apparently Sage Green is the baby color of the year, as Min’s baby’s room is going to be sage green as well.

I had a very distinct variegated color I was hoping to use (sage green, brown & pink), but after scouring JoAnn’s, Michael’s & Walmart multiple times, I couldn’t find anything like what I was looking for. Frustrated was an understatement, mainly because this was the second time in a month that I couldn’t find the yarn I was set on for the blanket. 

However, my mind kept lingering on this sunshine yellow & lime green variegated that I swore I had seen in Walmart. On a return trip, it wasn’t there (not sure if it sold out or what) but I knew JoAnn’s had it…so off I went.

The Blanket

I was alternating between which pattern to use: V-Stitch or shells? I really wanted to do the V-Stitch because I knew it would work up faster & probably look prettier. After doing a swatch square, though, I went with the shell pattern. 


My cousin told me that her only complaint with handmade baby blankets at her shower was that when her munchkin was born, the holes in the afghans were the perfect size for baby fingers, toes & even partial appendages to get stuck in…& new mothers just don’t need that kind of added stress. So I’m going with the All Star Hooded Blankie sans Hooded portion…again.

Instead of the I Hook in the pattern, I’m using an H hook. They also recommend a worseted-weight or thinner yarn weight…I’m using Bernat Li’l Tots (medium/bulky weight) in Daffodil.

While I was working on the first few rows, I kept thinking, “Citrus fruit” but I can see where the Daffodil concept comes in as well. If it’s Daffodil I can sell the woodland fairy tie in better right?

I’m 2.25 skeins  (out of 4) in to the blanket at this point…aiming for 3.25 or 3.5 skeins before switching to the border. That should hopefully be enough material to finish it. I’m also hoping to be done tomorrow or Wednesday with it so I can move on to other things…mainly because all 24 skeins of yarn for my mum’s owl blanket FINALLY came in today:

I guess I’m using the Bernat pretty hardcore this month.


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