Snow Snow Snow

Average Temperature: 22°

Precipitation: All Snow

Yarn Colors: Royal; White & Silver

So this did not end up being the happy fluffy snow one hopes of in the wistful daydreams of snow. It’s pollen-sized white spheres that are whipped around angrily by the wind in tiny icy whirlwinds. Therefore, the blessed & much anticipated muted world I anticipate when I hear snow is arriving is replaced instead by the metallicky whine & plinks on the windows.

When I woke up this morning & looked out the window I was struck with the wicked resemblance between our outside world & that of the one in the Krampus movie once he’s been summoned. The feeling did not abate as I drove into work this morning & was caught with the “Oh gods, why didn’t I use up the last of my sick days today?” & intensified throughout the day. Thankfully work closed early, the highway was perfectly clear (in the right lane anyways) & I followed a plow up our hill so no problems there. My tiny car got completely stuck when I pulled into our driveway; there were about 12 inches piled up so I had to dig myself out. Hubby came out to help with digging a trail to my normal parking spot. Our plowing services just arrived though  (finally…landlord is so bad about that) & it looks like they’re shoveling out around our cars for once.

I probably sound snarky about the plowing but out of the 5 big snows we had this year, we (usually just us, our neighbors helped once) had to dig out everyone’s cars because it had been over 7 hours & we needed to go to work. Then the plow would promptly show up just as we were finishing, plow out the last tiny section then be on their way. All the tenants in our house  (we’re in an 1850s colonial divided up into 4 apartments) have a portion of our rent dedicated to plowing services…he never sent them over after our ice storm 2 weeks ago & we had 2 inches of ice over our drive way (which is the size & shape of a school bus drop off section) for over a week before they finally sanded it. We have salt…but not enough to do our entire driveway & we can’t afford to do our entire driveway on our own.

Anywho, we’re home safe & sound. Snow looks like it’s starting to die out (I can see the pinky purple of the sunset instead of just gray). I still feel a bit like I’m trapped in a horror movie (snowed in, no visibility, stuck listening to YouTube videos from the other room with no escape) & today’s snow definitely could’ve inspired a good ghost story. Guess I’ll settle for a blog post.

No pretty snow pictures yet…but here’s some of my car buried on the roof at work & of Gurney  (who, after 3 days of wanting nothing to do with me, decided he loves me again) & Talia looking pissed as always.

Stay safe!

Work window, 8:30 am


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