Nothing Important

Average Temperature: 19°

Precipitation: Snow. All day.

Yarn Colors: Purple Hues. White & Silver

Snowed all day today. Everything was pretty much closed before the snow even truly started this morning; there was a brief dusting. My morning lessons were cancelled because the school district was closed & I didn’t even see snow flurries until I was almost at work (25 minutes south of my house). I mistakenly asked Ryan what happened to the 3-5 inches we were supposed to be getting; he said the storm had putzed out.

So of course the snow hit us then & went all day. Afternoon lessons got cancelled but the girl I consider to be my little sister brought her new kitten in to visit me (he’s a orange tabby, 8 weeks old & completely adorable). I ended up leaving work 1.5 hours early…I was going to try to get the full hours in but the snow & wind started picking up pretty bad.

We’re supposed to get a winter mix tonight into tomorrow, then snow showers tomorrow evening. 3-5 inches of snow Thursday & Saturday as well…we might be having a lot of make-ups.


Since I knew it was supposed to snow today, I made Broccoli Cheese Soup in the crockpot last night & bought some rolls. It’s Pioneer Woman’s recipe; I really like her stuff (we’ll talk about her sangria & apple butter another time). I knew we were going to need the comfort food, plus I really just love soups so it works. Toss in that it’s made in the crockpot so it’s ready to serve when I get home from work & we’re golden.

Best thing I registered for when Ryan & I got married was a 3.5 quart crockpot that has a built in timer. It was a legitimate life & sanity saver, worth every penny. I can legitimately turn it on with the timer & head off to work; once the timer is done it automatically switches to “Warm” setting. Best thing ever for any working person or couple.

Anyways, I follow Pioneer Woman’s recipe pretty much to the letter with the exception of the following:

  1. I blend/dice super fine 2/3 of the broccoli & carrots prior to putting into the soup instead of prior to cooking
  2. I cook for 8 hours on low stead of 4 hours on high

Highly recommend if you’re looking to ward off those winter blues. Land o’Lakes makes a honey butter spread so we had those on our rolls…delicious filling happy dinner.

Tri Updates

Because who besides me is keeping track?

I added 10 more miles to the bike today. Hoping to do another 10 tomorrow.

Sweet dreams all!


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