New Tattoos!!!

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Ryan & I got our new tattoos yesterday. We have going to this amazing artist, Cynthia Finch, who is the owner of Dark Mark Tattoo in Keene. She specializes in water color tattoos, which is how Ryan found her summer 2016. We adore her &, if you don’t believe us, Ryan’s gotten 4 tattoos by her since September, & the one above is my second one by her.

Ry’s new tattoo from yesterday.

We love Dark Mark Tattoo. Cynthia did tattoos number 5 & 6 for me, & out of all the shops I’ve been in, it is the most brightly lit & least cluttered one I’ve stepped foot into. Added bonus is all the Harry Potter, Marvel & Disney art abound in her work station. I feel perfectly safe & confident getting my tattoos here. It helps that the tattoo artists are friendly & fun as well.

We’ve only gotten nerdy tattoos from Cynthia so far but her original work is absolutely gorgeous as well. I’m actually considering getting an original (non-fandom) one by Cyn as a cover up over my original tattoo but we’ll see.

My Cheshire Cat & Stitch

I had originally talked to Cyn about doing a watercolor Stitch on my shoulder back in September. We made the appointment for February (she has a 2-3 month waiting list) because it was after the wedding & after her Harry Potter trip. After the weekend (& Ry saying in his Stitch voice “You’re getting me tattooed on you”) I asked Cyn if we could switch my date to December, as it was around the end of the swim lesson session & if I could have the Tim Burton Cheshire Cat instead. I’m a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, & book junkie so it made more sense, especially while I was freaking out that I was getting what my fiancée considered his alter ego.

Cyn had an opening in December & didn’t mind the tattoo switch so we were golden.

And she nailed it. The little hearts were her idea & I didn’t know she was adding them but the tattoo wouldn’t have been as badass or complete without them. I love him so much. Oh, & as a side note? That only took her an hour & fifteen minutes to do. Mind. Blown.

While Cyn was doing the finishing touches on the Cheshire Cat sketch  (prior to tattooing), I happened to look over on her desk & see a sketch for a watercolor Stitch. “I did that one up for you, but then remembered we weren’t doing him anymore.”

Well hell. He’s so friggin’ cute. “Yeah I want him t00. When can I have my appointment?”

Lo & behold, my original appointment day & time was open so I booked myself back in for February. Watercolor Stitch on my shoulder. He turned out the most adorable:

Gods I love him. Took Cyn exactly 30 minutes to tattoo him on me & she spent the entire time talking about how cute he was. We were both the most excited.

In Summary…

If you’re in New Hampshire, or if you’re looking for a great tattoo (watercolor or otherwise) Cynthia Finch is the one to use. She’s got a bit of a wait list, but she’s 100% worth it. If we move because of Ry’s job, we’ll definitely be making trips back to get our art done by Cyn. We’ve found our artist…have you found yous?


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