Temperature Blanket Update

Average Temperature: 27°

Precipitation: None

Yarn Colors: Royal

So that’s 36 days worth (& some change for weather) of rows so far. It looks like after about 6 months I’ll have a throw blanket length; it’s about a foot & a half wide (long?) right now

Gurney for scale.

I’m hoping if that’s the case, then maybe I can make myself one for the second half of the year. I’m a bit interested to see what the blanket would look like if I had just done temperatures for one location instead of where I was located on a given day. I like the bright, warm colors from when we were getting married/on our honeymoon but it’s hard to see day differences with the temperatures for our home.

If I Do Another One…

I’d definitely pick out more vibrant & varied colors. I didn’t realize it when I picked it but that Hunter Green looks very close to black & I think the Royal & Blue look very close too. I’d probably pick something in different shades or outside the rainbow spectrum. 

I’m not sure I’d do weather rows in a second blanket either. While it’s pretty, it can be a pain some nights to make sure I add that extra row in there when all I want to do is go to bed.

I like the shell stitch pattern I’m using for this blanket. I think the ripple/wave pattern could be fun too, especially since I finally have a pattern I’m comfortable with (shared in an earlier post). Most of the temperature blankets I’ve seen online are in the wave pattern & it’s so popular that they actually made a website where you can put in a location & the date range & it’ll give you a pattern with all the colors already laid out for you:

Weatherghan Creator

Which is pretty freaking awesome. But I also didn’t want to give my aunt something she could just buy offline, hence the shell stitch.

Other Things

We have tattoo appointments thus afternoon so in all likelihood that’ll be my post for tomorrow. This will be number 6 for me & number 5 for Ry (his 4th in 6 months, crazy head).

And…I’ll be filling in the temperature/weather for today in the evening. It looks like the average is going to be in the 20s, so Royal, but we’ll see. The weather keeps changing as to whether we’ll get snow tonight.

Enjoy the Super Bowl if that’s your thing! I’ll be trying to figure out a way to stream it when we get home.

Not sure if he’s “helping” or modeling…


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