Horror Feels Rambling

Average Temperature: 20°

Precipitation: None

Yarn Color: Purple Tones

  • 30 out of 112 biking miles completed
  • 0 out of 26.2 running miles completed
  • 3,600 out of 4,224 swimming yards completed
  • 1 out of 2 transition classes completed

I read for the first time while biking today. I should’ve technically finished “A Court of Thorns & Roses” but the 2nd book in the series that I have is signed & I didn’t want to ruin it with bike sweat.

So instead, I started reading “NOS4A2” by Joe Hill, which I picked up back in October. I managed to get through the first few chapters during my 37 minute recumbent bike ride which, although made more enjoyable by reading, was still miserable (yes, I will be complaining about biking until I finish all 112 miles).

Prior to 2016, I had read a small smattering of Steven King’s work: “The Long Walk”, “Secret Window”, as well as 3/4ths of “‘Salem’s Lot” & “Hearts in Atlantis”.

The “Secret Window” short story was entertaining, “The Long Walk” was engaging; I was somewhat bored by “‘Salem’s Lot” though my mum swears up & down that it’s the scariest book she ever read. I think I was too young when I was trying to read, “Hearts in Atlantis”; I picked it up right after the movie came out so I was 13ish…that was also the year that I read “Sunglasses After Dark” though so that might be why it held my attention.

Anyways, my friend Noel does a book challenge every year & in 2016 I found a book challenge list online that was based around reading different types of books instead of a sheer number of books. (I was just looking for the list to include below, but I apparently don’t have it saved. Which is a bit humorous as I had it posted on this blog 2 weeks ago before I wiped the site for my newest blogging attempt).

One of the requirements on the list was “Read a book that a movie is based off of”. I’d already read “Jurassic Park”, “Lost World”, & “Jaws” the summer after I graduated from college (have to fill those suddenly free hours that aren’t spent trying to desperately find a job) so most of my go-to options were out…until I remembered “The Shining”.

What a movie. What an even better book. The suspense, the unrelenting terror of the unknown…I spent the rest of last year chasing that fear high in books. I finished/re-read “‘Salem’s Lot” -which still didn’t strike me as scary. When I mentioned this to mum she said it might have been so scary because she reading it in the middle of a blizzard in the ’70s on Upstate New York with the electricity flickering.

I also got my hands on a copy of “Doctor Sleep”, with sadly high expectations & amidst good reviews. I had such high hopes for the book, since it was the sequel to “The Shining”. Don’t get me wrong, it was the 2nd best fiction book I read all of last year. It was engaging, a real page turner & extremely entertaining. It just didn’t have the lingering shiver-down-your-spine, subliminal dread & lingering terror of “The Shining”.

My theory on why I couldn’t match “The Shining” with modern horror is what made up the malevolent/evil beings in the books. The evil in “The Shining” was insubstantial, intangible, always just out of comprehension. It never had a concrete name, was loosely defined as residual evil. Most other horror fiction, however, the evil is easily recognizable -vampires, child soulsucking demons, psychopaths, “The Man”, etc.

I’m hoping this Joe Hill book I picked up can recreate that horror I found in “The Shining”. I know he’s Steven King’s son, but he seems to have become a horror pro in his own right. I loved the movie “Horns”, which is based off his book of the same name & is what inspired me to pick up Joe Hill’s book.

So far, “NOS4A2” is laying a good base for terror to manifest. I’m only about 50 pages in right now, but hopefully he can keep me engaged.

I’ve run out of Erik Larson books to be addicted to, so I need someone new.

Temperature Blanket

I’ll have the updated temperature blanket picture up tomorrow; we had some unexpected health issues pop up during the day that threw a curve into our day rhythm. Also, new tattoos tomorrow!!!


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