Snow & Such

Average Temperature: 24°

Precipitation: Snow

Yarn Colors: Royal, white & silver

We got about 2 inches of snow between last night & 9 this morning. It was the light, fluffy, powdery type, so it wasn’t a pain to clean off the car & actually melted pretty quick. Only bit of treachery was that the snow covered up the ice that had still not completely melted from last week so…even though they actually came & plowed our driveway in a decent amount of time for once, I still almost slipped & fell on my bum walking to the car.

It does look so lovely though.

Temperature Blanket

By doing an extra row for weather in addition to the daily temperature row, I originally decided on double-row days I would do the temperature row first, followed by the weather row.

However, this evening in a stroke of brilliance (aka exhausted laziness) Idecided if the precipitation occurred prior to noon, I would crochet the weather row prior to the Temperature row & vice versa if the precipitation was in the afternoon. This burst of genius occurred when I was too exhausted (aka I currently am) & not wanting to change yarns twice tonight. So two rows of white/silver it became! Now I just need to remember that for next time.

Baby Blanket Updates…

Mum remembered to talk to Michelle last nigjt about the Maybaby’s baby blanket. I guess Michelle is going with akasfghab woodland fairy theme which sounds adorable. Also, apparently Sage Green is the baby color of the year, because that was the first color Min mentioned for the Chosen One’s blanket. 

The good news is YAY WE FINALLY HAVE A MAYBABY COLOR SCHEME!!! The bad news is that the pretty wave blanket I’m making does not fit into those color parameters. So I’ll have to come up with something else.

…and Apparently My Mother Likes Owls

I got tagged in a comment section of a crochet pattern on Facebook, which is a fairly normal occurrence, except this time it was my mum who tagged me. I figured she was just doing on of those, “hey isn’t this cool?” tags but when I called her for our evening chat on my way home from work (Yes I call my mum almost everyday. It’s a really wonderful thing & I recommend it to anyone who gets along with their mother like I do) she mentioned that she actually would like an owl afghan.

Taken completely by surprise, I took a closer look at the post. Sadly, there was no link in the post to the pattern but it mentioned that it could be found on Ravelry & it was the first link provided by the Oracle when I searched it.

*Disclaimer It wasn’t mentioned in the Facebook post, but this is not a free pattern. This pattern is $5.99, but as it gives you the pattern for both a child & an adult sized afghan it’s a pretty decent price. Plus my mother wants one so regardless of how much it cost I’d be purchasing it anyways*

Anywho, as it’s not my pattern & not a free pattern i.e. I’m not authorized to publish it so…here’s the link: Bulky and Quick Hooded Owl Blanket by MJ’s Off the Hook Designs.

I’m always a bit leery of online patterns, especially the ones with the fabulous looking finished products. Of the online patterns I’ve used, about half of them have some errors with several, including ones I’ve paid for, being completely unusable. There’s nothing more frustrating than paying for pattern that doesn’t work.

I haven’t really looked the pattern over yet beyond examining the yarn requirements to send my mum, but I’ll be starting this blanket as soon as she sends me her colors. That being said, I’ll give a rundown of the pattern at that point. It looks like author has pretty good reviews on their other patterns, so we’ll hope for the best.

Lastly, The Tri

Today is February 1st & started the first day of the Lazy Man Triathlon Challenge at work. I had someone show me how to use the recumbent & the stationary bikes at work today as I’ve never been on one. Also, why not start off the challenge with the part I’m dreading the most. I did 8 miles on the bike this morning, & felt pretty proud of myself…until I looked at the board & saw the benchmarks for the biking portion is divided up by 10 miles.

Leave it to me to miss the benchmark by 2 freaking miles. So this afternoon I went back on the bike for 7 minutes so I can at least say I completed a benchmark.

Think I’m going to record in here daily how much I have left of everything; I won’t go into actual descriptions though unless something wonky happens.

Bike: 10 out of 112 miles

Swim: 0 out of 2.4 miles

Run: 0 out of 26 miles

Transition (classes): 0 out of 2

Last But Not Least

Gurney, our youngest house demon & more lovingly referred to as my cuddle bug, apparently doesn’t like me blogging. Everyday when I start my post, within 2 sentences he jumps on me for cuddles. He ignores me the rest of the time I’m home, & as soon as I stop blogging he immediately leaves me alone. The rest of the time, he somehow just knows when I’m blogging & feels the need to sit on me in such a way that I can’t type. So here’s your kitty picture for tonight:


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