The Stash Baby Blanket

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Precipitation: None

Yarn Colors: Royal

I was going to talk about my name change process & everything that’s been tumbling around in my head about it but I realized that due to my previous as a make-up for yesterday I don’t actually have the time tonight to give that topic the attention it deserves so I’ll do a craft one for this post & maybe if I get done quick enough tomorrow I’ll do the name change post.

The Yarn

I think I mentioned this in the previous post but here’s a longer version of how I acquired the yarn.

My mum had asked my Bridesmaids to bring gift baskets as door prizes to my bridal shower in November & amongst the chocolate, wine, Margarita & baking baskets Min had bought a basket with four pastel skeins of Deborah Norville Everyday yarn & a wooden “I” crochet hook because crocheting is kind of my thing. When my mother-in-law won one of the door prizes, she snagged the basket of yarn to give to me (because really, who else was going to use it). I did make her wait until we got back to my parents’ house to give it to me though, so people wouldn’t get upset. Silly right? Anywho, here was the yarn…

  • Quiet Blue
  • Chinchilla
  • Soft Peach
  • Spa

If you couldn’t tell from the names of the colors, the yarn really would only be good for a baby blanket.

For Whom…?

My initial idea was to use the yarn to make a baby blanket for Min’s beastie; she picked out the colors & was stoked when I got the basket. I thought the brown (chinchilla), blue & green (spa) would go perfect with the Peter Rabbit nursery theme she picked, however she mentioned when I was asking about colors that they were definitely going to use sage green in the room. The Spa green is closer to a seafoam than a sage & I wasn’t sure how the peach would fit into that mix, so I picked out a different yarn for the Chosen One’s baby blanket. That, & I felt a bit weird giving someone a present from something they’d spent money on.

I needed a baby blanket for the Maybaby too. I had made her older sibling a white & bright rainbow ripple baby blanket for his birth so I thought it might be fun to do an updated ripple for the Maybaby. Although I had asked several times, the Maybaby’s parents hadn’t gotten back to me on colors…so why not use the ones from the basket? Except that the basket colors are pastel & I remember the parents wanted vibrant colors for the first beastie & probably would want the same for the Maybaby.

The Pattern

I knew I wanted to do a ripple blanket with these four colors, as it would use all of them & be less obnoxious than a granny square or she’ll pattern, swapping colors every row. After searching through several patterns  (& trying out 2) I finally settled on the pattern I used for Maybaby’s older sibling’s blanket…with some modifications.

Modern Ripple Baby Blanket


Obviously, the most significant thing I did was swap out the yarn.

  • Chinchilla (A)
  • White (B)
  • Spa (C)
  • Soft Peach (D)
  • Quiet Blue (E)

The only other major change I made was to the stitches. The pattern calls for single crochet (SC). I don’t use SC for large projects unless absolutely necessary so I did double crochet (DC) throughout the pattern instead. This means for the beginning of each row I chain 2 instead of 1.

Last change I made was more for cosmetic purposes instead of necessity:

  • Repeat pattern to last 4 stitches. DC in each of the next two DC, skip next DC, DC in top of turning chain

This gives you the required number of stitches & doesn’t leave the turning chains sticking out at the end.

Beyond that, for the technical directions I followed the pattern completely. I’m still using a J Hook as stated & the sets of 3 stitches. The row color pattern I’m following is:

  • 4 rows Chinchilla
  • 2 rows White
  • 4 rows Spa
  • 2 rows White
  • 4 rows Soft Peach
  • 2 rows White
  • 4 rows Quiet Blue
  • 2 rows White

Repeat. I just started in the Spa rows yesterday but it’s coming out prettier than I hoped:

Seeing how it’s turning out, I’m tempted to give it to Min again (along with the other blanket I’m planning). I’ll see if I can finally get an answer for the Maybaby tomorrow though, & it fits specs maybe it’ll go to her. Or I just might keep it to have on hand. We’ll see.


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