Blankets & Baby Crafts

Yesterday’s Average Temperature: 32°

Precipitation: None

Yarn Color: Blue

I/we were bad yesterday so by the time I usually post I was out of commission. I also didn’t do my temperature blanket row for yesterday so it’s an all-around catch up night for everything. Double post day!! (And yay slacking I suppose).

Babies babies babies

No, I’m not having one -nor will we be having one- but two of my friends are having sproutlings this year. I know I mentioned it before, but as my projects beyond the temperature blanket I’ll probably be talking about babies a lot the next few weeks. Or at least stuff for babies. Anywho…

Baby Numero Uno (aka Maybaby)

This is actually baby Numero Dos for this family. I made a blanket for their first munchkin a few years back. It was my first attempt at a ripple blanket & I wasn’t too happy with the size (although the color combination was pretty). I chock it up to the type of yarn Lion Brand recommended for the pattern being sport weight, but there’s a chance I downsized the hook to make the yarn look so stringy in the finished project. But I digress

I really don’t know what I’m going to do for the baby blanket for Baby Numero Uno yet. I haven’t heard back on nursery colors yet, & my mum is checking for me tomorrow  (she’s the delivery support or something along those lines). That being said, I have some random stock colors I can use if the parents don’t give me any specs. One is a gorgeous hot pink/petal pink/white ombre that I would never want to receive myself but I know some people are hard in the gender specific colors. I would probably do the often referenced All-Star blanket pattern if I ended up using that yarn. The other option is a set of 4 colors that I received as a door prize at my bridal shower (my mother-in-law won it & promptly handed it to me under the table). I’ll talk more about that option in a later post.

Baby Numero Dos (aka the Chosen One)

One of my best friends is having her munchkin in July. She picked a Beatrix Potter theme for the nursery, based on this:

Because OH MY GODS PETER RABBIT IS THE BEST!!! She’s the one I special ordered that Spring Baby yarn for the baby blanket last week from JoAnn’s…which ended up being a good thing as I was in JoAnn’s today & they didn’t have that specific yarn. Actually, JoAnn’s didn’t have anything I was looking for, including Peter Rabbit fabric (which was a long shot anyways) &…


Min & I have been friends since high school & we both absolutely love dinosaurs. To the point that when I had a Jurassic Park movie marathon right before Jurassic World came out, she got so excited that she got us hats. And not just any hats. Velociraptor hats.

We also had dinosaur cake & I found the dinosaur chicken nuggets. It was the best thing ever.

Anyways, beyond the baby blanket I want to make a photo album, the kind where you cover an album with quilting batting & then fabric so it’s squishy, themed & slightly more original. Although the Peter Rabbit fabric would’ve been nice, I really wanted to do a dinosaur fabric for the photo album cover…but I couldn’t find any that weren’t so overtly masculine (& not really very cute anyways). I was getting so frustrated because dinosaurs are so wickedly cool & there’s a bunch of dinosaur baby items…but no cute baby dinosaur fabric. At least none that fit my mental image & color scheme.

Death to Pink

Also known as Jenna wants to make baby things solely in greens, yellows, purples, & pretty blues.

That being said: I hate pink. I hate pink for girls, I hate pink for boys, I hate pink for everyone. I just cannot stand the color, & it drives me a bit crazy that it’s my best friend’s favorite color when ever I make her someone for a holiday or special occassion. The pink yarn I referenced under Baby Numero Uno is actually a yarn I had bought for my best friend Allie for a Christmas present project but it was just too infantile once done out. Perfect for a baby blanket (though I want to puke when I think of making a pink baby blanket) but not for much else.

It’s not like my parents forced me into pink or anything when I was little. Actually my cousin & I  (6 months apart) were practically raised as twins & THEY were the one always forced into the pink; I was always given blue. I just can’t stand the color. Pink doesn’t offend me as much safety cone orange does but I still can’t stand the color. End pink rant.

Back to Dinosaurs

So anyways, I was looking for a cute dinosaur fabrics, preferably in pastel green, yellow, blue & (if it just happened to be inconveniently on there) pink. JoAnn’s had nothing remotely close to those qualifications. I could have had forest animals, squids with anchors, even freaking sloths…but no dinosaurs. I was seriously worried I might have to settle for kittens in space helmets -which were adorable & would have been a perfect fit for the Chosen One as well, however they weren’t DINOSAURS.

So I left JoAnn’s with nothing that I had come in looking for (but I did walk out with a new crochet magazine & a class list for Beginner’s Sewing-story for another day) & feeling a bit frustrated.

At a stop at Wal-Mart later in the day, I decided to half-heartedly look through the fabric section to see if anything caught my eye for the album. I wasn’t expecting much because if JoAnn Fabrics didn’t have the fabric I was looking for, why would Wal-Mart. So of course, as the Universe turns:

Freaking yellow dinosaur on pastel green background on super soft fabric. Yes, I’ll take a yard please!

I wasn’t overly fond of the “Welcome” on the fabric but it fit all my other requirements so I was willing to deal with it. I also didn’t realize until I posted it but there’s apparently a small white flying beastie on the fabric too…

Dragonflies. There’s dragonflies & hearts in the background. Perfect.

Now just to acquire an old-school style photo album with the sticky pages instead of the sleeve style & we’re good to go!


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