Caught Up!!

Average Temperature: 28°

Precipitation: None

Yarn Color: Royal

It took my about 3 hours but I’m finally up-to-date on the temperature blanket!!

After last night’s musings, I did end up tossing in the snow row after the temperature row for yesterday. You can’t really tell from the photo but the lightning row from last Sunday (yellowish-turquoise row near the top) is absolutely gorgeous when you can see the whole row.

Some things I’ve realized (if I ever do another one) is that I need to take a lot closer look at the colors before I pick them. Both the Blue & the Royal blue look extremely similar, just barely a shade different (I messed with the exposure for this picture). I’d also definitely swap out the Hunter Green with something closer to teal or seafoam. Even without an edited exposure, the Hunter looks black.

That being said, now that I am all caught up on the Temperature Blanket, I can start on other projects such as…baby blankets. Or writing. Or figuring what’s for dinner because there was a miscommunication with the hubby & it’s now past 9 & we hit a stalemate about pizza.

There’s still some leftover soup from Thursday though so I might just go finish that off; he can fend for himself.

Partial Musings 

I know I really don’t have a direction for this blog yet. Other than the underlying theme of the Temperature Blanket & other random projects (exercise challenges, maybe some book reviews & recipes) I haven’t figured out what/where this blog is going. I’m hoping after a week or two I’ll finally get some inkling about what this blog is for me . Just please bear with me while I’m trying to establish a rhythm & hopefully we’ll get something worthwhile out of this in the end. In the meantime, here’s the cats “helping”:

Talia being a key stand

Gurney holding the yarn captive so it won’t escape while Talia provides our ambient noise. 

Ugh I seriously need food. Ciao!


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