What counts?

Today’s Average Temperature: 35°

Precipitation: 30 minutes of flurries

Yarn Color: Blue

One of the things I didn’t consider when I decided to do precipitation yarn colors was what justifies having an extra precipitation row for the day. There was extremely light flurries this afternoon for about 30 minutes. I only realized it flurries because I happened to be walking back from our candy shop at the time. There was no snow in the forecast for today, so I wasn’t expecting to see any snow.

Obviously, the snow didn’t stick. But should it count as a row? For the amount of time it was flurry-ing  (flurrying?  flurriing? To have of the flurries?) I was inclined not to include a snow row for that brief spell of time because if I wasn’t outside, I wouldn’t have known it was snowing.

As I’m typing this though, I realized if it had rained today -even just a 5 minute sprinkling shower- the ground would’ve been wet & even if I hadn’t seen the rain falling, it would’ve counted because I could see the aftereffects. So then, does there have to be physical evidence of the precipitation to count? This opens up a whole different line of reasoning, because in the late fall & early spring the ground can be warm enough that it can snow for several hours but not have any accumulation or if there is a dusting, it could be melted by the time I got outside even though I might have been watching the snow from inside for a goodly amount of time.

I could always use Weather Underground to decided if the precipitation I saw count. I’ve been using Weather Underground to back date the average temperatures for the days prior to my decision to make the blanket as well as the average temperature for the last few days. According to Weather Underground, there was no preciptation. So I shouldn’t count it as a row.

Which brings me back to the original question: I saw it so should I count it or since there was no accumulation it shouldn’t count? After typing all of this out, I’m inclined to count it since I saw it, as I would when it rains. That may change by the time I get to this row for the blanket though.

I did a pathetic 4.5 rows today. One is the last row I said I was going to finish after last night’s post, which I initially finished but then pulled out because I thought I had used the wrong color  (it ended up I hadn’t).

I did go out for hot chocolate after work though, so I guess I can be forgiven on that part?

End useless musings for the day. Hoping to finish most of the backlogged blanket rows tomorrow after lessons so…here’s to hoping.


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