Lazy Man Tri

Today’s Average Temperature: 41°

Precipitation: None

Yarn Color: Hunter Green

Temperature Blanket Update 

I got home early enough today to play a bit of catch up; managed to complete the rows for January 3rd through half of January 9th (I spent half the day in New England, half the day in Florida so I’m doing two rows for that day). I’m hoping to finish that second row for January 9th tonight before bed, which means I’ll only have 17 days to catch up on before I’m up to date so YAY FOR THAT!!!

Lazy Man Triathlon 

Walking around work today, I saw that they’re advertising a Lazy Man Tri challenge for the month of February. I didn’t hear about it until have way through February last year, but it seemed like it was a pretty good time. Back then I decided I would do the Challenge in 2017 if it was offered again.

Fast forward to yesterday when I saw the poster. Deciding to do Iron Man triathlon distances -even over 28 days- is a lot more daunting 6 days out than it is in March 2016. I was trying to get one of my really good friends to do the challenge with me but they’re  (100% justifiably) M.I.A. at the moment. So after debating for about an hour, I decided to take the plunge -before I lost my nerve- & paid the registration fee.

So what insanity  (besides the temperature blanket) have I signed up for?

  • 2.4 mile swim
  • 112 mile bike
  • 26.2 mile run
  • Transition Time (2 group exercise classes)

Obviously, the swimming & the running are going to be the easiest portions of the Lazy Man Tri for me, although I hate running on the treadmill so I’m praying for some milder weather. I asked the people running the challenge & they said my Water Aerobics classes qualify for the transition times, so I’m covered on that end. Water Aerobics also counts as 10 laps (500 yards) towards the swim, but again, laps won’t be an issue so why waste the work out?

The bike on the other hand…that’s where the real problem is going to be. We can either mountain bike/racing bike outdoors  (New England in February? Fat chance. I don’t have a death wish). A Spin Class counts as 15 miles towards the total goal, however at the best of times the Spin classes are completely full. That leaves recumbent biking when there’s no classes around. I’ve never used a recumbent bike. I’m excited I even know where to FIND a recumbent bike. So the prospect that I have to ride 112 miles, on a recumbent bike is daunting, to say the very least.

Maybe I can get my friend to do it with me anyways when they feel better. We’ve been trying to get on a workout schedule & this seems like decent motivation  (oh the workouts I’ve done for the tantalizing prize of a “free t-shirt & beer”). I was trying to recruit other people as well…but only the out of state people responded. We’ll see how it goes.

In Other News

I’ve finally found a decent yarn to use for Min’s munchkin’s baby blanket (the one due in July). I sent her about 10 different yarns with “sage green” in it over the past two days. Yesterday I had gone to JoAnn’s & was severely disappointed in the selection, but I sent Min some of those options anyways. Neither of us were in love with any of those yarns. 

Stopped in at Michael’s today & after multiple photos, we settled on a Bernat Softee Baby yarn, color Spring Baby. Unfortunately  (though fortunately I noticed prior to the checkout line) they only had one of the Spring Baby skeins, mixed in with a very close, but not exactly the same, Baby color (seriously, who came up with these names?). Ended up ordering the yarn off JoAnn’s online (25% off Bernat Yarns, $4.99 shipping any purchase).

All that’s left (after delivery) is to pick a pattern. I’m leaning towards the All-Star Hooded Blanket (minus the hood) that I’m using for the Temperature blanket, but we’ll see.


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