Getting Started

Today’s Average Temperature: 32°

Precipitation Type: None

Yarn Color: Blue

Well unfortunately this isn’t going to be as long of a post as I originally wanted. Between dinner clean up from tonight, making lunches & dinner prep for tomorrow, it got later than I expected. Just the bare minimum for the temperature blanket information I suppose.

1. COLORS!!!

The all important, fun aspect of the blanket. The following are the temperatures & their corresponding yarn colors.

  • -1°> Dove  Red Heart Supersaver  (RHSS)
  • 0-10° White RHSS
  • 11-20° Purple Tones RHSS
  • 21-30° Royal RHSS
  • 31-40° Blue RHSS
  • 41-50° Hunter Green RHSS
  • 51-60° Spring Green RHSS
  • 61-70° Bright Yellow RHSS
  • 71-80° Pumpkin RHSS
  • 81-90° Shocking Pink RHSS
  • 91-100° Burgundy RHSS
  • 100°< Lava Deborah Norville
  • Snow Diamond Vannas Choice
  • Sleet Zebra RHSS
  • Rain Macaw RHSS
  • Thunder/Lightning Banana Berry RHSS

2. Pattern Information

I was originally considering using a V-Stitch pattern from a baby blanket I like to make as the basis for the blanket. After spending my break time at work today contemplating the best approach, I decided to instead use a revised version of my favorite baby blanket by Lion Brand Yarns: All-star Hooded Blanket

I’ve used the pattern in full before with the hood, however as of late I prefer to use the pattern without the hood. It works up quick & looks great with variegated yarns:

The pattern is worked up in a series of shells. The baby blanket pattern is worked in sets of 3 stitches to form the shell pattern. For the base chain, it calls for 102 chains for 33 shells (the last 3 chains count as the first single crochet of the next row).

I’m following the baby blanket pattern instructions for the Temperature Blanket almost to the letter, including using the I Hook for my crochet hook. The only thing I’ve changed is I used 144 chains (48 shells) to get the width I desired instead of the 102 recommended in the pattern. One can increase or decrease the desired length of the base chain by 3 chains & the pattern will still work.

All that confusion being said…

(…it’s late, I’ll try to be more coherent later).

I managed to get 3 rows finished in the temperature blanket tonight (January 1-3); I’m currently averaging about 15/20 minutes per row which gives me hope that I’ll manage to get completely caught up to current dates this weekend; I’m only 22 days behind now which is better than yesterday.

Dinner for tomorrow should be all set, as long as I remember to turn on the crockpot before I leave for work tomorrow (I made Slow Cooker Chicken & Wild Rice Soup). I’m hoping this will give me time to get in at least another 3-4 rows tomorrow. That’s all for now (here’s the kitties “helping” tonight):


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