Temperature Blanket

The first week of this new year, one of my aunts sent me a message, asking me if I would please consider making her a temperature blanket & attached a link. I briefly looked over the image she sent me, which was gorgeous then hopped over to Pinterest (of course) to do a bit more research.

The concept is simple, you assign certain yarn colors to temperatures for days. Then whatever that mean temperature is for the day, you crochet a row in that color, with the theory that by the end of the year there would be 365 rows making up a rainbow-striped blanket. Depending on how complex one wanted to make it, you could divide up the temperature ranges in 5° or 10° increments, use special yarn for certain weather patterns (rain, snow, apocalypse, etc), and holidays.

The idea intrigued me, as did the potential to do something nice for my aunt whose life hasn’t been the easiest. However, at the time, my DIY out of town wedding was one week away so I told her I would have to think about it. This was partly out of stress & everything going on with the wedding, & partly because afghans/blankets (as anyone who has EVER crocheted/knitted one knows) can be extremely expensive & time consuming, so I wasn’t overly inclined.

Fast forward to this past Monday after we rolled in at 2 am from our flight that was supposed to land us back in the New England at 9:45 the previous evening. Wedding & honeymoon, over & done with I realized I need a new project. Desperately. I have two baby blankets I need to make (one in May, one in July) but the parents-to-be aren’t sure about colors for the rooms yet so…what else can I work on?

I returned to the Temperature Blanket idea. Now that I’m not planning a wedding, it doesn’t seem quite so daunting…other than the fact that I’m 24 days in already so I’ll have to backtrack.

After some careful consideration, I decided I’m doing a 10° color representation (from below zero to over 100°, 12 colors in total), with 4 additional yarn colors for special weather patterns (Snow, Sleet/Ice, Rain, Thunderstorms). When originally asking my aunt, we agreed that if I decided to do the blanket, the temperatures would be decided upon wherever in the world I was at the time. This adds a little extra fun for the month of January as I was in New England, Central Florida, South Florida, & the Caribbean during the middle two weeks of the month.

I promise a color spectrum with names later, as 6 of the 16 colors I’m using are from my stash without the labels. With the exception of two of yarns I’m using all Red Heart Supersaver yarn. I will decide tomorrow (after some much needed sleep) exactly what pattern & crochet hook I’ll use, however I’m leaning towards a V-Stitch pattern that I usually use for baby-blankets as the pattern goes fast & doesn’t require much thinking after the first row. Below I’ve added a screen shot of the Pinterest Pin I used as a baseline; the link is also included here: Temperature Blanket Pin Page


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